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Shalom and welcome!


I do not ask for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders

A Jewish Proverb


B'nai Yeshurun 

 A Messianic Jewish Assembly

We are a Torah Submissive, Conservative, Messianic Jewish Assembly consisting of Jews and Non-Jews focused on the purpose of glorifying,

Yeshua our Messiah. Dedicated to upholding the rich traditions and teachings of Judaism while embracing the transformative power of Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah, with a focus on seeing Him in Torah. We are a covenant community that teaches a life of holiness and sanctification. We teach a love for Israel, the Jewish people, and Torah, all the while standing in love and faith with our Christian brothers and sisters. Since our establishment in 2012, we have been a spiritual living center for the Messianic Community in the Midwest, providing a welcoming space for learning, prayer, worship, and community engagement. Through thought-provoking lectures and studies, inspiring services, and meaningful community activities, we strive to foster wisdom, growth, and a deep connection to our Messianic Jewish heritage. Join us today and become part of the vibrant B'nai Yeshurun Community as we journey together on the path of Jewish roots to our Messianic enlightenment.

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